Moka Wholesale offers a large range of Stainless Steel Tableware for dollar stores, discount stores and restaurants. Our mission is to offer the highest quality stainless steel tableware at lowest possible price point. As we are committed to putting quality first, each item is specially hand buffed and hand polished to the point of quality and finish that meets our highest standards of quality. All products are made by skilled craftsmen in India.

We offer a complete range of high quality flatware, cutlery, tableware, kitchenware, utensils and cookware for both restaurant and home use. Our products are designed to be very competitive in the food service supply products market. We look forward to having a valued relationship with our customers & partners.

Featured Products
Stainless Steel 12 Inches Plate Cover.  PC-3393 12 inches Case/Pack: 30/30
Stainless Steel 1/3 Cover 25 Gauge Nsf  GN-4494  Case/Pack: 18/18
Stainless Steel Cake Stand With Plastic Lid.  CS-0470 13 inches Case/Pack: 8/8
Clear Polycarbonate Full Size 4 Inches Deep Food Pan. Nsf  PC-4760 4 inches deep Case/Pack: 12/12
Stainless Steel 11 Inches Plate Cover.  PC-3392 11 inches Case/Pack: 36/36
Stainless Steel Single Wall 8 Inches (1700 Ml)moroccan Dish Bowl. Made In India  MD-3724 57 Oz. Case/Pack: 30/30
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ss Wire Steamer Rack. Corrosion Free. Long Life, Hygienic.  SR-3360 13.5 inches Case/Pack: 24/24
Hammered Stainless Steel 3 Parts Condiment Holder/server  PD-3339  Case/Pack:
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